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  • United States

In his book Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission, Barry Friedman argues that we have misunderstood what accountability means around policing. Rather than involving the public in policing on the front end, as we do in the rest of government, we try to fix things on the back end after they go wrong. This will be a lively discussion on current policing practices, the need for reform, and why we need front-end accountability.

This lecture will include two parts: a conversation with Professor Friedman and Mr. Wright followed by a panel discussion with Prof. Gardner, Ms. Rahr and Mr. Warner.
Copies of Friedman’s book Unwarranted: Policing without Permission will be available for sale in the lobby.


Tickets are available for purchase here: https://events.uw.edu/c/express/8e599cc0-1aee-4541-92df-f36b371897df