• Regulator Bookshop and Cafe (map)
  • 720 Ninth Street
  • Durham, NC 27705
  • USA

Barry Friedman will be at The Regulator for a discussion of his new book, Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission.

Unwarranted tells the stories of ordinary people whose lives were torn apart by policing―by the methods of cops on the beat and those of the FBI and NSA. Friedman captures the eerie new environment in which CCTV, location tracking, and predictive policing have made suspects of us all, while proliferating SWAT teams and increased use of force have put everyone’s property and lives at risk. Unwarranted is a critical, timely intervention into debates about policing, a call to take responsibility for governing those who govern us.

“A powerful manifesto against unbalanced policing methodologies and an illuminating and sobering critique of political and legal forces in the U.S.” —Booklist

For more information on this event, visit The Regulator Bookshop's event page: http://www.regulatorbookshop.com/event/barry-friedman-unwarranted-policing-without-permission