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Parnassus Books is happy to welcome Barry Friedman as he discusses and signs Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission.

Charged with keeping us safe and maintaining the rule of law, the police are an essential part of modern American civil society. Yet in recent years, things have gotten seriously out of control. Revelations of mass surveillance and data questions show we've all been turned into suspects, and today’s headlines ranging from revelations about systemic racism in the Chicago police department to the Black Lives Matter movement, have shined a light on discriminatory practices, unnecessary use of force, and other injustices around the country. All this has led to a heated national conversation about the changing role of police in our society and what needs to be done to protect our fundamental rights.

In Unwarranted: Policing Without Permission, Barry Friedman breaks through the noise and shows how we got to this dangerous place. He also shows how we can reshape policing for the 21st century. Friedman is a law professor at NYU and an authority on the Constitution. He’s also the Director of the Policing Project, a new initiative in cooperation with police agencies and organizations in cities across the country that works to improve policing by helping to write policy and increase public engagement.

In this timely book, Friedman brings together his deep knowledge of Constitutional history and law and his on the ground experience working with policy makers and the police to show how our rights have been eroded. Policing, from neighborhood beat cops to analysts at the NSA, has been profoundly reshaped by technology like CCTV, GPS tracking, internet monitoring, and predictive policing, to name a few. The use of SWAT teams and military tactics has only increased. And to make matters worse, we’ve often allowed police agencies to operate in secret. Lawful searches and seizures are not being respected by the police or protected by the courts. And although policing agencies have standard operating procedures, many agencies still lack rules for things like body worn cameras, drones, tasers, facial recognition, automatic license plate readers, roadblocks and databases. We can’t wait for legislatures to act. We have to take matters into our own hands and work with police to develop new rules ourselves.  Otherwise, our fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution are in peril.

Through remarkable storytelling about real lives and engaging lively writing, Friedman shows how ordinary people are adversely affected by police and in turn shows how ordinary people can take responsibility to right the police’s wrongs. Now more than ever we need to understand what's at stake with policing in this country and what we can do to bring change.

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